Opportunities in the Design for Nanomanufacturing group

Our group welcomes discussions with anyone interested in working with us. Some specific current opportunities are described on this page. Please contact Hayden Taylor with your CV and a description of how your research interests and experience may intersect with or complement ours.

Mechanically manipulating van der Waals solids

Postdoctoral scholar position. We are developing tools and techniques for accomplishing extremely highly spatially multiplexed and repeatable mechanical exfoliation of single- and few-atomic-layer sheets from van der Waals-bonded solids (2D materials, including HOPG, MoS_2, WSe_2 etc). The objective is to introduce reliable processes for scalably prototyping and ultimately manufacturing devices composed of van der Waals heterostructures. We are seeking a highly resourceful person to conceive and implement solutions to this challenging problem over the coming 1-3 years. Experience in any of the following would be advantageous: cleanroom fabrication processes, nano-scale characterization techniques, fracture mechanics, optics, mechanical design, and physics of 2D materials. Above all, however, we are looking for an inventive experimentalist with an underpinning interest in modeling observed behavior. This is an NSF-funded project.

Modeling and metrology in roll-to-roll nanofabrication

Postdoctoral scholar position. We are seeking a creative postdoctoral scholar to invent and prototype rapid, contact-free approaches to detecting defects in micro- and nano-structures produced by roll-to-roll processing (including, for example, gravure, imprint, and flexography). We have done some preliminary work upon which we now have an opportunity to build as part of the NSF NASCENT Engineering Research Center in which Berkeley is a partner. The person we are seeking is likely to have interests and experience in micro-/nano-fabrication and optics, including experimental and computational optics (especially the design of digital diffractive optics). Knowledge of the properties of thermoplastic polymers and UV-curable resins would also be useful, as would a background in computational mechanics.

A note for prospective graduate students

UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering admits students to its graduate programs each Fall. Information on the upcoming admissions cycle is available here. If you are interested in our group's work, please contact Hayden Taylor, preferably after submitting your application through the process described at the link above.

A note for UC Berkeley undergraduates

We are always keen to work with enthusiastic undergraduates. If you are interested in working with our group, including for a potential ME H194 or ME 196 project, do get in touch, either with Hayden Taylor or with one of the graduate students in the group, and we can try to define a topic of mutual interest.

Programmers needed to develop manufacturing process simulators

As described here, we are developing a suite of online manufacturing process simulators to enhance teaching of core undergraduate courses. The objective is to help students develop physical understanding of process physics through virtual experimentation. We are targeting simulation of lathe turning, arc welding, casting, fused deposition modeling, and possibly other processes. We are seeking UC Berkeley programmers for paid positions working on this project.