Welcome to the Design for Nanomanufacturing research group, which is led by Assistant Professor Hayden Taylor and based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

Our research spans the invention, modeling and simulation of micro- and nano-scale manufacturing processes. We are particularly focused on processes that can be used to fabricate extremely rich and complex, multi-scale geometries, such as are found in semiconductor integrated circuits and biological tissues. In many of these processes, the geometrical design strongly influences the performance of a manufacturing process, for example through spatial competition for reactant species or parasitic, nanoscale mechanical deformations.

Our work has addressed plasma etch, polymer bonding, chemical mechanical polishing, and mechanical exfoliation of van der Waals-bonded solids. We have particular expertise in mechanical lithography processes including micro-embossing and nanoimprint lithography (NIL).

Current research activities have the following themes: (A) contact mechanics in materials processing, (B) surface engineering for energy transfer, and (C) multi-scale additive manufacturing, particularly applied to biological tissue scaffold engineering. Learn more about our group's work here.